Venus Retrograde in May/June 2020

Did you know that Venus is both the Evening Star and the Morning Star! She will be disappearing behind the sun soon and already has begun to descend into the glare of setting sun ending on June 3, 2020. Afterward, she is not visible then she emerges again. She transitions from the Evening Star to the Morning Star around mid-June.

Venus’s cycles are fascinating. Venus is going into Retrograde in Gemini in May/June 2020 (May 13 – June 24). There are Venus Retrogrades every 18 months but it returns to the same sign every 8 years. So 8 years ago, the Venus Retrograde in Gemini occurred in May/June 2012. These Venus retrograde periods last about 40 days.

Retrogrades in general are a type of slowing down, becoming aware of the cyclical nature of life, death and renewal, release and re-birth, which cause delays, review, revision and second chances. Venus themes are about love, relationships, beauty, and values. Then you add the Gemini flavor to the mix – What do you value in your relationships, both romantic and platonic? Are your relationships have an equal exchange of energy ie. do you receive as much as you give? Do your words and your actions match your value system? Do you walk your talk or are you just saying the right words? How open is your heart and how easily do you share your affection or share your love with others or acknowledge your loved ones? How vulnerable and authentic can you be in relationships? Are you afraid if you are yourself, your partner or friend will leave?

This timeframe also highlights the mental concept of duality as Gemini’s symbol is the Twins. Duality in our world – examples of which are Black and White, Good and Evil, Right or Wrong. How often do you search for the correct or right answer, wanting only that one, not realizing there may be multiple choices. How hard is it to find an answer to a problem – does it fit your values? When your choices are in alignment with your values, do you find that there is a conflict with other’s choices? This may be a time to look closely at all your relationships and recognize you have choices.

What Venus themes are re-occurring for you?

this picture is the Rose of Venus and is the pattern the planet makes in the sky when viewed from Earth. I find it so mystically beautiful!!

New Moon in Gemini

The high road of Gemini is to speak from your heart with kindness and wisdom, it is respectful and their words serve the collective. A Gemini in alignment with their purpose speaking their truth is powerful and awesome to hear.

The new moon for you personally is a time to start new and this new moon is all about communication – what we talk about, how we say it, and how true is it? Are you talking to fill the silence or do your words have meaning? Do your words match what you feel and believe? Are you playing devil’s advocate to see what you can stir up or are saying your truth? Do you know what that truth is — Do you know who you are? Does what I am saying serve a purpose, or am I talking to hear myself talk? Am I serving? This is the time to choose a new direction if you don’t like any of the answers. The effects of this new moon cycle will affect the next 2 weeks but your choices at this time can have lasting effects.

Here is a card layout to use with your Oracle Cards. 5 Questions with 5 answers.

Are you ready to start something new?

Taurus New Moon

Depending on where you are, today or tomorrow is the New Moon in Taurus. In Astrological terms, a new moon is when the sun and moon stand together. With the sun’s light blocked by the moon, the moon is there in the sky but it is dark or hidden from us. The new moon is like the darkness of the seed being planted, a great time from a metaphysical standpoint to start a new project, or set a new intention(s). Each of the New Moons has a different theme depending on what Zodiac sign it is in. 
The Taurus New Moon has themes of safety, security both physical and financial, comfort, sensuality, slowing it down to smell the roses, loyalty, and self-worth.  A person with Taurus energy can be slow to make a decision but once a decision has been reached is incredibly loyal and committed- some would say tenacious and stubborn even.
Questions for working with the energy of the New Moon
What new intentions can you commit to this month?
How do you soothe and comfort yourself? 
What is your favorite scent, favorite lotion, favorite fruit, your favorite soothing music?
What is your relationship with cash?
Do you feel worthy of the money you receive?
Are you willing to commit to taking inspired action to ask more from the universe in the area of money?  

The Element of Water in your Astrology Chart


Did you know that the 4 Elements are represented in your chart? In the western world, these elements are Fire, Earth, Air and Water. These 4 elements need a certain balance for you to access your energy and for you to move forward in your life. They act as the wheels on the car of your life – you need all 4 to be touching the ground for you to move forward.

You can have different mixtures of the elements in your chart. Each Zodiac sign has an assigned element and when a planet falls in that sign, you can access that energy depending on how well it is supported. (want more specifics? Book a reading with me 🙂

I have been thinking of the element of water in my chart and how it gets activated or not. Water represents our emotions, our feelings. We begin life in the water of the womb. We can’t live without it. It is an enormous force of nature, coloring our earth blue so that it called the Blue Planet. The water absorbs- it is fluid, graceful, flowing down to the lowest point. It is the sensual, the delightful pleasures of taste and scent. It is the comfort of your mother’s love and the security of her embrace. It is the depth of your traumas, the worst of your wounds. It merges with perfect precision. Both perceiving and receiving. Someone who has a lot of water in their charts is the empathy and the intuitive. The artist and the musician. The sentimental and the compassionate.

What is the status of your water in these troubled times??
Is your water frozen over solid? Is it heated and steaming hot so that you are burning yourself and others? or is it inaccessible so that you feel like a dried-out desert? or are you drowning… so many emotions that it is almost impractical to function??

Want more? Ask me about this or read more about it in Debra’s book.

These concepts are from Debra Silverman’s book, The Missing Element.

A Mellow Day

I am constantly busy so being mellow or having a very relaxed day is tough. This day was the best go with the flow day ever!