The Element of Water in your Astrology Chart


Did you know that the 4 Elements are represented in your chart? In the western world, these elements are Fire, Earth, Air and Water. These 4 elements need a certain balance for you to access your energy and for you to move forward in your life. They act as the wheels on the car of your life – you need all 4 to be touching the ground for you to move forward.

You can have different mixtures of the elements in your chart. Each Zodiac sign has an assigned element and when a planet falls in that sign, you can access that energy depending on how well it is supported. (want more specifics? Book a reading with me 🙂

I have been thinking of the element of water in my chart and how it gets activated or not. Water represents our emotions, our feelings. We begin life in the water of the womb. We can’t live without it. It is an enormous force of nature, coloring our earth blue so that it called the Blue Planet. The water absorbs- it is fluid, graceful, flowing down to the lowest point. It is the sensual, the delightful pleasures of taste and scent. It is the comfort of your mother’s love and the security of her embrace. It is the depth of your traumas, the worst of your wounds. It merges with perfect precision. Both perceiving and receiving. Someone who has a lot of water in their charts is the empathy and the intuitive. The artist and the musician. The sentimental and the compassionate.

What is the status of your water in these troubled times??
Is your water frozen over solid? Is it heated and steaming hot so that you are burning yourself and others? or is it inaccessible so that you feel like a dried-out desert? or are you drowning… so many emotions that it is almost impractical to function??

Want more? Ask me about this or read more about it in Debra’s book.

These concepts are from Debra Silverman’s book, The Missing Element.