New Moon in Gemini

The high road of Gemini is to speak from your heart with kindness and wisdom, it is respectful and their words serve the collective. A Gemini in alignment with their purpose speaking their truth is powerful and awesome to hear.

The new moon for you personally is a time to start new and this new moon is all about communication – what we talk about, how we say it, and how true is it? Are you talking to fill the silence or do your words have meaning? Do your words match what you feel and believe? Are you playing devil’s advocate to see what you can stir up or are saying your truth? Do you know what that truth is — Do you know who you are? Does what I am saying serve a purpose, or am I talking to hear myself talk? Am I serving? This is the time to choose a new direction if you don’t like any of the answers. The effects of this new moon cycle will affect the next 2 weeks but your choices at this time can have lasting effects.

Here is a card layout to use with your Oracle Cards. 5 Questions with 5 answers.

Are you ready to start something new?