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I came to Astrology as a non-believer. What Debra taught me is that Astrology is so much more than just our Sun Sign and what your horoscope says in the Sunday paper. I came to accept and love those aspects I thought were unlovable as just part of who I am. I believe that the possibility for change exists in each moment and is available to us all. 


Sher has studied with Debra Silverman and completed all 3 three levels in her Applied Astrology School. She is currently seeking her certification through Debra.

She has also studied with Colette Baron-Reid. She has completed Personal Mastery and Shared Wisdom. She is a Certified Oracle Card Guide® and Intuitive Coach.

She has completed The Certified Card Reader Online Class and Certified Angel Card Reader Online Video Course through Hay House Online Learning.



Sher Rhein, Austin TEXAS

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