Taurus New Moon

Depending on where you are, today or tomorrow is the New Moon in Taurus. In Astrological terms, a new moon is when the sun and moon stand together. With the sun’s light blocked by the moon, the moon is there in the sky but it is dark or hidden from us. The new moon is like the darkness of the seed being planted, a great time from a metaphysical standpoint to start a new project, or set a new intention(s). Each of the New Moons has a different theme depending on what Zodiac sign it is in. 
The Taurus New Moon has themes of safety, security both physical and financial, comfort, sensuality, slowing it down to smell the roses, loyalty, and self-worth.  A person with Taurus energy can be slow to make a decision but once a decision has been reached is incredibly loyal and committed- some would say tenacious and stubborn even.
Questions for working with the energy of the New Moon
What new intentions can you commit to this month?
How do you soothe and comfort yourself? 
What is your favorite scent, favorite lotion, favorite fruit, your favorite soothing music?
What is your relationship with cash?
Do you feel worthy of the money you receive?
Are you willing to commit to taking inspired action to ask more from the universe in the area of money?