Adventures hunting the Eclipse

I had quite an adventure getting this photo of the eclipse. Manipulating all that photo equipment in the dark was trippy! A mistake can be the greatest adventure. I stayed up for most of the lunar eclipse. I took loads of pictures. Taking pics in the dark did show me that I am out of practice with my photo equipment. Halfway through I realized I was not using my long lens (the better lens for taking pics of the Moon). In changing out the lens, I changed something in the settings. I clicked to take a pic and nothing happened. I was so frustrated, what is going on? Did my battery die? I had a moment of surrender that if that were the case, I would need to remember the moment in my mind’s eye. I really looked at every detail of the eclipse, soaked it in visually. I reached up and hit the button again. It created the picture above – a double exposure. I did not even know that I could do this with my camera. A parallel universe?

This photo was taken around 11:30 pm Central, January 20 from Central Texas. Truly a happy accident! Taken with my Rebel with the 300mm lens